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Now Offering, Travel Booking Services! Click here for more details.. Door to Door Cargo, Philippines to North America. Padalahan ng Pera, My Remit a Kapamilya service of TFC.
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"I do not sell boxes, I sell my name."

-Miguel Lim-

We started in Winnipeg in 1986 specializing in door to door cargo. In an effort to better serve its customers, Big C Cargo Freight Forwarder moved to Vancouver, BC in 1999 where the trading ports is conveniently located. We are a Filipino family owned business that has earned the trust of thousands of customers in Philippines and Canada: British Columbia,Calgary,Edmonton, and Winnipeg.

Our many years of excellent services, competitive pricing and the highest level of customer satisfaction.

We maintain our solid reputation and solid valued customer in the industry.

We are happy to serve you!
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